The second Friday the 13th starts with a hand of justice. The little bitch Alice got away with a murder. And not just a murder , a killing of Mrs. Voorhees. So Jason brings justice for killed his mom by sneaking into her house , and putting an ice pick through her head. But movie doesn't ends here , it's only the beginning. So it has been now five years cince the first srial murders were commited on Crystal Lake , and a new bunch of idots decided to open a camp just across the Crystal Lake (these people must be total idots). So the Jason's first victim is an old crazy man who tried to warn the counselors of danger. And so it goes and goes until about a dozen counselors rest in peace. But two of the counselors (a couple of smart asses) were in the coffey club at that time. And when they returned to the sweet camp Crystal Lake , Jason attacked the guy and beat the shit out of him. But the girl got away. And so she run into the Jason's house , were Mrs. Voorhees rested in peace.And so she put in Mrs. Voorhees' sweater and tried to confuse Jason. Meanwhile her boyfriend had commed up and started fighting with Jason. At that time little bitch hits Jason with machete in the neck. The Jason falls on the ground dead (but not for long).

Friday the 13th : Part 2

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