The third movie in the series was presented to us using 3-D effects in the theaters , and it sas originally called " Friday the 13th : 3-D ". But however when the film came out on video they took off the 3-D part. So the story continues where it left off in part2. So Jason , who I believe is undead is not long dazed with a mechete in his neck which ended the world famous part 2. Jason is alive again and roaming around. His very first first victims in this part are married couple , who have a strong disagreement. So Jason decides to calm them down a little. After there is finally quiet , Jason takes some clothes from the couple that wouldn't need them anyway. After finishing up with a lovely couple Jason see's a group of high school students that had decided to go out to cabin for the weekend. Jason makes a wise decision that they all must die. But first he decided to bring some justice to some gang members that were about to burn his pretty little house. Jason kicked their asses really fast and began to start accomplishing his goals. So Jason takes off one after another of these little high school boys. And this is also a movie were Jason gets his world famous mask. One of the young teenager s was very kind and gave Jason his mask before he went to heaven. About a dozen of these annoying teenergs was killed , but one girl got away. And she was able to stop Jason. But the only question is - for how long ?

Friday the 13th : Part 3

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