Part 4 is one of the greatest in these series. There were a lot of bodies joining the Friday the 13th semetery after this one. The movie starts off in the hospital. Jason is in the morgue , persumed dead. But all of us know that he is just faking it , having a little fun. The very first bodies that joined the cemetery were the bodies of the people who were standing on Jason's way to the Crystal Lake. At that time another group of young teenagers and sluts came to the lake to have some sex. One the way home Jason kills a hitchhiker. Meanwhile at the lake is young 8 year old Tommy (ugly like hell) and his sister. So the next day comes and the young kids all decide to get naked and and go skinny dipping. But Tommy and his sister didn't go with the rest of the kids (they are too ugly to show themselces naked). The night finally approaches. Jason has been waiting too long to put his dirty hands on these sweet girls. Fiirst he takes out two kids by the lake. Piece of cake. Then he takes out the camper. He takes his equipment and a gun. So Jason finishes off all the kids , and now he is after Tommy ans his ugly siter.So Jason gets to the house where the siter and brothe are hiding , and there is the final battle between good and not very good. After they had a little fight in the house Tommy chops off his hair and tries to look like Jason when he was a boy(but Tommy is even more uglt that Jason and Freddy together). However this confused Jason for a long time and Tommy's sister attacks him from behind. Then Tommy finishes him off. Tommy is a hell of a boy. So Jason is considered dead. ( But I don't think so because the next part is called Jason lives )

Friday the 13th : The final chapter

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