Friday the 13th : Part 6 is one of the best in the series. The dreams of Jason are haunting Tommy. And Tommy believes that Jason is not dead , that he is alive. So Tommy want's to make sure that Jason is really dead. Tommy and his friend decided to dig up Jason from his grave and look if he is there. When they get to a grave they found a coffin and a covered coarpse in it. So , Tommy who has a mental illness starts beating Jason's coarpse. Then , Tommy decides that it wasn't enough. He started poking a metal pole thhrough Jason , and here it goes. The lightning hit the pole and Jason is alive again. And now Jason rises from a grave to teach Tommy a lesson about vandalism. Tommy's friend tries to didtract Jason , so Tommy can get away from that horrible place. Tommy goes straight to the sheriff and tells him that Jason is alive again and they need to stop him. However sheriff does not believe Tommy and his foolish words about the undead. At that time another group of idiots decided to open a camp on Crystal Lake. This fools thought if they will change the name of the camp the cillings will stop happening here. So Jason decided to continue his helpful goal to get rid of idots on camp Crystal Lake. Jason takes out the counselors first , because when counselors are dead the rest is a piece of cake. Then he slays the rest of the young campers who thought that they will have a good time in the camp. But unfortunately , Jason decided that they all must die. What can I do. The best shot in the movie was when Jason takes out three campers at once with a machete. Great shot. So , the only one left is Tommy boy. He sets a trap for Jason on the lake. Tommy take a rock and a chain to capture Jason. Unfortunately the Jason was cought by a chain , and was dragged under the water. He almost took Tommy with him , but Megan , the sheriff's doughter helped him out by putting a boat motor in Jason's face. The one good thing in the end. Jason is at the bottom of the lake , fully awake , and ready to bring justice to anyone who whould come close to him.

Friday the 13th Part 6 : Jason Lives

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