The chapter seven has the best elements in the series so far. Visually Jason looks better than in any other movie. The movie starts with a little girl Tina , who can use a psychic powers and accidently killing her father with them. He had drowned in the Crystal Lake. This event makes her a little crazy and she spends several years in the mental institution. There she has a very nice doctor Mr. Crews , who tries to make her even more crazier all the time. So the kind doctor gives her an advice to visitthe place were her father died. So Tina goes to the Crystal Lake. There she uses her psychic powers there and accidently frees Jason from the chains at the bottom of the lake. After Jason comes out of the lake he first takes out two peole by stabbing tent pikes in their backs. Meanwhile the house next to Tina's is full college student doing drugs and having some sex. So , Jason decides to teach them a health lesson about unprotected sex and drugs abusing drugs , which they had to know back in high shool. Well , I hope these guys will learn something in the afterlife. Then he sees a couple of peole camping without a permission. There were also chopping some some wood. So , Jason takes out the first one by putting his hand through the victims chest. And while the other camper was sleeping and seeing sweet dreams Jason bashed her against the tree. Tina keeps having the visions of Jason as he kills people. But our nice Dr. Crews covers up what evidence he finds of Jason , so he can have Tina go completely crazy. The next day comes and some kind neighbors decide to pick up on Tina for being mentally ill. So she freaks out , runs away and gets even more crazy. This makes doctor very happy. Meanwhile Jason sees another couple having unprotected sex. Jason was affraid that the girl could get some kind of STD. So he puts an axe in the man's face and drags the girl underwater until she drowns for being a slut. The doctor finds some of Jason's victims lying around. But he decides not to tell anyone about it. Tina hears her mom and doctor arguing and she steals a car and tries to ascape. Then she had a vision of Jason killing her mom and it caused her to crash. Her mom and doctor go after her but find Jason before they meet Tina. So , Jason kills Tina's mom and a kind doctor. Tina finds hermom's body and and all the other bodies lying around all over the place. And thats when she lets her powers go wild on Jason's ass. She electrocuted him , smashed him , crushed him and lots of other things but could not stop Jason. Then she made her dad get out of the lake with her powers. He grabbed Jason ander the water with him.

Friday the 13th Part7 : The new blood

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