This time Jason is in New York. The film starts off with Jason hanging out at the bottom of the lake buried under a pile of debris. He was then raised by some local teenagers. He takes their boat and moves it next to a larger boat which is filled with seniors and going to New York. So , the boat is filled with the seniors and Jason is about to take their young innocent lives. The first victim is JJ , who is trying to be a rock and roll star. But we don't feel sorry for her because she was no rock and roll star. The rest of the day was quiet , and nothing further was heard from Jason. Once it gets dark Jason takes out the majority of people on the boat. Then Jason goes to visit the captain of the ship to check out if everything is all right. Then the rest of the remaining seniors group up and found the captain's body. After that they decide that the all must split up in order to find the killer. At this point I finally understood that Jason only kills people that are stupid. Then Jason takes out the communication of the ship. Jason takes out the next victim on the dance floor. Then one of the kids shoots out his fellow classmate accidently in chaos. But no one can get away from the law without punishment. So Jason takes the role of a judge. He decided that the guy is guilty and must die. Then Jason sets the ship on fire. After a while the ship goes down , but some survivors get off on a life boat. They safely land in New York , where Jason follows them. So , Jason is in New York and ready to take out the remaining couple that got away. There Jason has a big boxing match against one of the survivors. Jason takes more than fifty punches and he is still standing. But that guy was no Mike Tyson and died after the first punch made by Jason. Than Jason chases down the remaining couple of people through the streets of New York. Jason takes out a few more people and than drowns in the toxic waste. That's nasty.

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